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When you’ve gone on your last annoying diet and are open to the unique option tens of thousands of people like you have found, you’re ready for hypnosis.

“Since I have completed the program, I have changed my lifestyle… I went from a size 12 to a size 8.”
– Missy B. Friendswood, TX.

“The most important thing is that I never had an urge to smoke after the 1st session. I’ve never felt so relaxed in all my life. I’ve even told my doctors! I’m so thankful I’ve done this. So if my wife!”
– Ernie F. Milton, FL

Weight Loss Pensacola FL“I have struggled with my weight since I was 42, lost and gained hundreds of pounds. Now after 6 weeks on the program I can feel the change in my attitude about food.”
– Charlotte Pensacola, FL

“When I came here I was fat and unhappy. Since then, I can enjoy life! Thank you so much.”
– Ellie A. Gulf Breeze

“This is mind changing! From Day 1, I saw and felt a change in my body and thought process. I’m very glad that I came here.”
-Debbie H. Pensacola

The sad reality is the diet companies spend millions of dollars on pretty TV commercials with big name celebrities, but when it comes right down to it, they are all just diets! And diets don’t work. And you already know that.

On a diet, you face restricting what you eat, counting points, eating horrible and expensive food they send you in the mail, go to meetings and embarrass yourself…. and in the end, you might lose some weight but typically gain it right back when you get off the diet.Why?

“When started out I weighed almost 170 pounds my BMI was close to 30, … I’m down to 142 pounds.”
– Rosalyn

“ I found I’m making much better food choices and snacking less… effortlessly! Also enjoying more restful sleep.”
– Rose F. Pensacola

“In 2 weeks my blood sugar numbers have gone down 30 points!! I’m also much more comfortable in my clothes.”
– Kathy B. Pensacola


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Because there is no diet that addresses the real reason you’re overweight. It’s all emotionally driven. You use food to change how you feel. So unless your new diet deals directly and specifically with the emotions and state of mind behind the choices you make, it’s never going to work.

“In 3 weeks, I lost 10 Lbs. and can tighten in my belt 3 loops in. I don’t have cravings at night and drink water now. Thank-you to hypnosis and the people here.”
– Richard S. of Pearland, TX

“It’s difficult to know where to begin! This has been a life-changing journey over the past 6 weeks. I feel new and better. I feel more controlled, more peaceful and centered. I have great confidence now about achieving not only my weight loss goal, but any change I want in my life. I know I can do anything!”
– DeeDee of Friendswood, TX

Change the Inside, See It On the Outside!

Hypnosis is a kind of fun training that helps you relax, change your mood and state of mind, while offering lots of healthy suggestions to help you shift your preferences and choices. And there are no diets, no meal plans, no points, no group weigh-ins.


At Bayside Hypnosis we can help you lose weight, quit smoking, deal with anxiety, lower your stress, and manage
your pain naturally with hypnosis therapy. See what others are saying or call (850) 347-5700 for a FREE screening.


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