Meet The New Owner of Bayside Hypnosis


Michelle Spencer, loves making dreams come true for her clients. She’s been doing just that for MANY years in several professional arenas.

“I absolutely love the opportunities life continues to present; getting to know so many wonderful people and their families. The best part about what I do, is seeing the excitement from my clients when they achieve success in personal milestones they never thought possible,” she says.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and Interior Design, Spencer moved back to Pensacola with her family and began her career in the home furnishings industry as the owner of Luxe Home Interiors.

After several years in that role, she turned her focus on “How to REALLY make a difference in people’s lives”. After a few encounters with nationally recognized Hypnotist Julie Nise.  Michelle began studying Hypnotism for Weight loss, Hypnotism for Smoking Cessation, Hypnotism for pain management, & Hypnotism for Stress Management under the direction of Master Hypnotist Scott McFall.

After obtaining certification, Michelle joined Bayside Hypnosis as partner staff to Julie Nise and the two began a concentrated mission to help people Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, end Dependence on Pain Medication, & make a difference in the health and wellness of clients in Pensacola and all over northwest Florida.

Fast forward to December 2018; Michelle decided it was time to build her own practice through the purchase of Bayside Hypnosis in Pensacola. A familiar face to current clients and residents of the Pensacola Area, Michelle Spencer is excited to embark on this adventure of expanding the business.

If you are looking for a REAL WAY to LOSE WEIGHT, STOP SMOKING, END BACK PAIN, or RELIEVE STRESS, call Michelle Spencer today for a FREE EVALUATION to see if you qualify as someone who can benefit from Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, Hypnosis for Pain Relief, or Hypnosis for Stress Relief.



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