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What clients are saying about our programs

Bayside Hypnosis is happy to provide you with some of the reviews from our happy customers who have used one or more of our programs and have seen the results. We are always happy to receive a positive review from a satisfied client because it not only reminds us that the program works but that we are succeeding in helping people live a full and healthy life. If you have used our service, we ask you to tell someone how you benefited, perhaps your words and experience could help them decide to give Bayside Hypnosis a try.

5(based on 16 reviews)
  • I’d have to say this is the best thing I could have done for myself. I honestly feel like a new person! I am more confident and definitely more motivated to be healthy! Holly H.
  • It really relaxes me and put me in a spiritual way in my head—open my mind to do things right. J.W.
  • I thought the hypnosis sessions were very helpful to me in many ways. I had my insecurities of darkness and now have overcome this. My stress level has gone down, my self esteem has gone up. I am more confident in myself. Thank you Julie for all your help. Sandy
  • No smoking, No Dr. Pepper. No fast foods for 5 weeks. Down 6 lbs. and 8 inches’ total. What hypnosis has given me is my willpower back. Before I would always say one more day and I would just put it off and put it off. Now there is no thinking it, it just happens naturally. Susanne Z.
  • Since seeing you, I have seen a big change in Isaiah, he is more self-motivated and focused. He really enjoys his sessions and he is sleeping more. He is able to get a full night’s rest. Krystal Z.
  • I’ve lately been having jerks but not anymore and my stress and anxiety levels have move down. I’ve accomplished all my goals thanks to hypnosis. Hypnosis calming to the brain and mind. Jacquelyn M.
  • A very enjoyable experience. It’s amazing what you can do with your mind. Roger
  • I feel hypnosis has helped me in so many ways…Feel more relaxed, more time for myself and weight loss is doing well. Jacquelyn D.
  • This program has helped me to relax and to be more aware of what I am eating. Jessie H.
  • With Julie’s help, I’ve discovered the ability to relax in any situation. Things that would stress me out in the past now seem unimportant. I look forward to overcoming new obstacles, and enjoying a stress-free life. Nicole
  • I came to see Julie to overcome my fear of flying. After two visits, I was able to fly to Hawaii for business without any of the anxiety I dreaded. Katie
  • Today I walked in and sat in the waiting room, listening to the ringing in my ears once I walked into the room, I noticed I became extremely calm and relaxed with that, the ringing in my ears started to fade. I honestly feel like I am starting to take back control of my life. I can tell you that it is powerful and it works if you allow your mind to accept it and embrace. I am thankful (hypnosis) for helping me realize my mind is so powerful and that I can get better if I believe I can. Jessica H.
  • This experience has provided me with many of the tools I needed to handle not only my day to day stress I encounter as a part of my job and obligations, but also the tools for proactively taking ownership of all situations that come my way. Todd R.
  • I am so glad I made the commitment! I have embarked on a journey that is giving me lasting life skills. These skills are presented through a working notebook and tapes that comfort and teach you how to replace negative habits for positive one. Judy M.
  • My stress level was out of this world before I started. Now I am able to manage it more appropriately. I have so more confidence in myself now. I feel great. Kayla M.
  • I feel great! I wish I had done this years ago. I came to Julie for a fear of flying issue, and the relaxation techniques learned over four sessions will benefit me the rest of my life. Barbara