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Reviews & Testimonies

Hypnosis can improve and treat many conditions, including stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, some sleep disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief or loss, and even irritable bowel syndrome call (850) 347-5700 for a FREE screening.

Reviews & Testimonies

At Bayside Hypnosis, we know that everyone experiences stress from time to time. However, with a little help, you can gain more confidence in your abilities to handle anxiety. You can learn how to control your emotional state of mind instead of it controlling you. Hypnosis can help you relax and create peace in your life and relationships.

Stress is a natural reaction to things we experience on a daily basis. Some people deal with it better than others; but unfortunately there are many who turn to food, alcohol or cigarettes which all end in negative consequences. Depending on the way we deal with stress, it can age us; cause us to lose confidence and disrupt relationships; basically wreaking havoc on our lives. Don’t let this happen to you. We can help you manage stress; call today to set up your free screening and let us help you live a stress-free life.

Dealing with depression and anxiety every day is just as horrible as dealing with stress. It can be debilitating. Nancy B. Irwin, PsyD says that “Being depressed often makes us anxious, and anxiety often makes us depressed.” One is the flip side of the other. At Bayside Hypnosis, we can help you manage the anxiety and help your get back to living a healthy and happy live. There’s no need for stress, anxiety and panic attacks to overrun your life.

Here is what our actual clients say:

My son had been seeing therapists for 10 years with no help. He suffered from depression, anger, mood disorder and bipolar. I was very skeptical after our first visit. He kind of acted like it was a joke. After the 2nd visit, things seemed to get a little better. After his 3rd visit, it was like a veil had been lifted. The change at home was amazing. He started listening and talking instead of arguing and yelling. After the 4th visit, we were on our way to 2 weeks of “bliss” in our house. The hypnosis is amazing and have worked wonders for our son. I would recommend this for anyone!”
– CJ. of Pearland, TX

When I first started, I was extremely stressed out about school and my future. I thought that everything was hopeless and that I was worthless. I have gotten a lot of help with my stress and I have calmed down. My grades in pre-calculus was 45 and I raised it to a 76. My stress has decreased and I’ve learned not to let my emotions get in the way of finding a solution. I have learned that constant worry and bring myself down won’t solve anything.”
– Toi T. of Pearland, TX

“When I came here, I was at my wits end with depression and drinking and feeling worthless. These sessions have allowed me to remove a huge albatross from my shoulders and have given me the tools I needed to turn my life around and make it a great life to live!”
– Nancy of Pearland, TX

Call Bayside Hypnosis today at 850-347-5700 for your free screening. Let’s see if hypnosis is the right stress management, anxiety relief and panic attack solution for you.