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Hypnosis for Natural Weight Loss Program Pensacola, Fl.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program Pensacola, Fl.

Reviews & Testimonies

Have you tried everything in the book to lose weight, yet end up in the same rut every time? We invite you to try our specially designed hypnosis program. Call (850) 347-5700 for a FREE screening.

Reviews & Testimonies

It’s time to look at weight loss with fresh eyes. You don’t need some TV celebrity or fancy magazine ad to tell you a carrot is better for you than a twinkie. You already understand you need to do, but it’s not happening. Most people don’t know why.

Hypnosis works with your imagination, your unconscious mind, and your emotions… calming you down, relaxing your mind so you feel differently and can make healthier decisions effortlessly.

Finally, you have a better option; an hypnosis for a customized weight loss program right here in Pensacola. Many clients say they were surprised that it helped lose the weight , then it was easy to keep it off.

A Weight Loss Solution That’s Hypnotic?

Many people claim weight loss with hypnosis is easy and gives them fast weight loss results. Of course hypnosis is not something ‘done TO you’ – and it isn’t magic. It’s a skill you yourself learn through training. And it isn’t for everyone. Those who are sincere about getting private, personal weight loss help and go through the training agree; hypnosis uses your unconscious mind and your imagination to encourage and motivate you to take the necessary actions required to overcome your barrier to success. But don’t take our word for it. Read what actual users of hypnotic weight loss say; then you decide.

“In 3 weeks, I lost 10 Lbs. and can tighten in my belt 3 loops in. I don’t have cravings at night and drink water now. Thank you to hypnosis and the people here.”
– Richard S. of Pearland, TX

This process has helped me in so many ways. My self-esteem is improved and I actually want to exercise. I have learned that I don’t have to be perfect to lose weight, and that it is not an end to everything I have accomplished. Julie is the best and knows just what to say to help everything.”
– Cathy of Channelview, TX

“It’s difficult to know where to begin! this has been a life-changing journey over the past 6 weeks. I feel new and better. I feel more controlled, more peaceful and centered. I have great confidence now about achieving not only my weight loss goal, but any change I want in my life. I know I can do anything!”
– DeeDee of Friendswood, TX

I’m a nurse and we always have food in our lounge and that was a lot of my problem I was just eating because it was there but I seem like I lost those Cravings or whatever it was but I was able to walk past food and it didn’t bother me I love to go shopping it’s so much fun I like the way I look I went from a size 12 to a size 8. – Missy Blackmon

Hypnosis is not something that is done to somebody it’s not like giving somebody a pill it’s more it kind of changes the inner workings of your brain on how you think about yourself and food and activities and things to that effect I believe that it’s if you’re if you have an open mind about it. – Ranger Bond.

I was able to pass up the burgers in the ice cream and go right home to my baked potato and my salad and it was wonderful that was what my body needed I’m a thin person so you don’t see it yet but I see it. I am a thin person because I’m acting like a thin person that never occurred to me I think I feel like now I need to owe my body an apology because of all the nasty stuff I’ve been putting into it and now that I’m eating healthy things it’s such a difference. – Annette Profitt

I mean at first my husband was judgemental about it but he sees how it works now and he just he doesn’t judge it anymore you know there’s no judging it just works and there’s nothing there’s no brain altering functions behind it like people you know they say it is so it’s great it’s natural especially after the pregnancy and the body changes and everything so I just felt like I just wasn’t my old self even He made comments like you know you just really closed off and shy about your body lately and things like that and now I feel like I’m my old self again he’s noticed some more you know  energetic and outgoing and that old person I used to be so our relationship has improved a lot , sex life improved too because I don’t feel that uncomfortable feel like oh he’s going to judge me on my body anymore. – Alpha Patel

I think that the hypnosis is so different from diet because it connects you with your inner spirit it’s really not a lot of effort dieting to me it’s up and down yo-yo with hypnosis your mind is pretty much set on what you want to do and I noticed benefit wise that I was very focused I know that I connected me a whole lot with like I said my inner spirit I noticed that I was determined it brought out the best in me I noticed that my appetite immediately was suppressed.
-Polly Bowman

I was able to gradually pull the weight off and then maintain the weight I went on a Hiatus for about 8 months and I didn’t do any of the techniques and I still managed to lose the weight and keep the weight off through diet and exercise and then making conscious decisions because for me I’ve learned that it’s just a life-changing decision and it’s something that’s not every day or beat yourself up about 1 cookie or some ice cream because tomorrow is a new day.Bernadette Low Loweree

I started out I weighed almost 170 pounds when I came my BMI was oh, probably close to 30, I think it was close to 30 and so I wanted to change that and so I wanted to do something and so I started coming here and I didn’t think I could do it. Look I did not think I could exercise and that I was able to focus on the lessons and now I’m down to 142 pounds and now I wore a size 6 pants and be that would be good.
– Rosalyn