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Welcome to Pensacola’s Bayside Hypnosis Center

Top Rated Center for Hypnosis Weight Loss Consultant in Pensacola, FL
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At Bayside Hypnosis we can help you lose weight, quit smoking, deal with anxiety, lower your stress, and manage your pain naturally with hypnosis therapy. See what others are saying or call (850) 347-5700 for a FREE screening.

Reviews & Testimonies

Julie Nise, the hypnotist at Bayside Hypnosis, is a senior trainer for a collaborative group of hypnosis professionals from around the country called the Master Hypnotist Society who, like herself, own successful hypnosis clinics and hypnosis schools within the clinics.

Prior to becoming a hypnotist, Julie achieved a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and spent 20 years in the corporate world working for high-tech medical device companies. Eventually, she felt drawn more to being an entrepreneur and the strong desire to help others, so creating change or life improvement for people using very powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques was a natural shift. And, she felt that those things worked much better than traditional therapy did, and reaching goals was much easier, so hypnosis was an intuitive fit.

Recently coming from Texas, where she ran one of the largest hypnosis practices in Houston, Julie has personally seen over 6,000 clients. She is a Master NLP Trainer, a Licensed Professional Counselor. Julie enjoys doing corporate keynote speaking events and training students when her time allows. She is a published author and has been on national TV six times for the relationship results she gets with couples. When at home with her retired former Naval aviator husband Jim, they enjoy various real estate projects, entertaining friends, and having fun with their two Border Collies, Bogey, and Rio.